Camp Mercer Rec Hall, Canteen & Officers’ Quarters

 The canteen sold soft drinks, candy, cigarettes, beer and supplies. 

 Locations of rec hall, canteen and officers’ quarters; note the proximity of the camp buildings. 

 The officers’ quarters is easily recognized by its signature field stone fireplace. Remnants of the fireplace are still present along the Manitowish riverbank. 

Camp Mercer Officer 

The canteen delivered mail, including prized care packages from home. 

 Rec hall activities included ping pong, cards, billiards, boxing, movies and presentations. 

 Group photograph of Camp Mercer’s 1939 officers

Renovations About Camp

Many alterations, adjustments, and rennovations [sic] have come about in the last few weeks.

The old Recreation Hall has been turned into a barrack, while the old Mess Hall has been made into the Recreation Hall. The Canteen is now found in Bill Watson’s old quarters.

The Cook’s Barrack, which was part of Barrack 1, was moved over to the old Ranger’s Quarter in Barrack 4.

The Ranger’s Quarters were moved to Barrack 1, while their office was also moved to the Barrack. The Ranger’s tool shed, blacksmith shop, and Coxey’s and Haynie’s abode was transferred to the new addition placed on the State Garage.

Of course the biggest change was to the new Mess Hall. With this new modern building any Camp should be contented.

In almost seems as if we were in a different Camp now, what with all these changes.