Ranger Cabin & Quarters

Forest rangers had a cabin or headquarters for operations, along with private living quarters in the barracks. 

River view of the ranger cabin, 1934. 

Road view of the ranger cabin, 1934. 

All field activities and projects conducted at Camp Mercer were under the direction of state forest rangers. 

Mercer Monitor, October 12, 1934. 


Bigger and Better Ranger Force: We received two new Rangers a little while ago, Andrew Fisk from Grantsburg, Wis., and Old Rismon from Star Lake, Wis. Ole is six feet and four inches tall, and tips the scales at 280 bs.

Planting: Planting will be complete this week, we have exceeded our quota by 200,000 trees. Our records show that we have planted on 600 acres a total of 1,200,000 trees, a fine record for Camp to be proud of.

Summers: Bill is starting a new fire lane with his crew — building a lane from Highway 51 to Island Lake. He likes the hard jobs, well there is plenty of stumps and rocks on this one. As a result is appetite is improving — also his crew’s.

Kalliomaa: Dick has returned from his vacation and at the present is taking a great interest in the World Series, he will make a little money on the side — if the Cards win.

State House: One crew is working at present on the Mercer Ranger Station, construction an addition to the Station and also a new six-car garage.

Beavers: Pat Thomas and his hard working Beavers are making bigger and better homes for the fish in the near by lakes. This includes omes for spawning, and sunken brush piles that are an aid to feeding and serve as a shelter from the bigger fish.

In 1935, the men of 660th Company built a new ranger headquarters in the town of Mercer.