Spring Work Detail

Spring work details included: fire suppression, fire tower watch, fire drills, tree planting, telephone line maintenance, fire lane upkeep, flood support and rescue operations. 

Camp Mercer operated 4 sub-camps for up to 8-month deployments. Sub camps were located at: Springstead (Sherman), Pine Lake (Oma), Pine Grove (south side of Turtle Flambeau Flowage) and Oxbow Lake (Presque Isle). 

Camp Mercer men fighting a spring forest fire. 

Camp Mercer fire fighters sometimes needed to live in “fire camps” while on duty. 

Camp Mercer men gather tools after suppressing a fire. 

Smoke from the terrible Powell Marsh fire can be seen from Camp Mercer. In 1934, the men of Camp Mercer logged 36,000 hours on this blaze. 

Camp Mercer operated numerous local fire towers. The tower above was located near Rest Lake. 

This Camp Mercer enrollee is pictured departing for Pine Lake sub-camp to improve CCC fire detection and response time.