Camp Mercer Tree Planting and Camp Mascots

Archaeologists record culturally modified trees (CMT) as living features of archaeological sites. Maple trees for sugaring, pine trees for making pitch, and birch trees for canoe building are types of CMTs. This ‘bundle planting,’ identified by forester John Grossman, likely was intended to create shade or privacy. Pits for the camp outhouse are just northwest of this CMT. 

Tree planting was a CCC priority. Can you find the remnants of the efforts in the area?

Map of unique, culturally modified tree planting and camp mascot’s corral. 

Early camp mascot, Dianne the Deer, as a young fawn. Camp pets and mascots like Dianne were a common feature of Wisconsin CCC camps. 

Of course, dogs were also beloved mascots, making a litter of puppies happy news for the Mercer Monitor. 

CCC men rescued several abandoned baby animals while fighting fires; several became camp mascots.