Winter Work Detail

Winter work details included: plowing, road clearing, burning brush and slash, placing fish cribs, feeding wildlife, making firewood, logging and tree cutting. 

Construction projects included building: fish cribs, fire towers, telephone lines, the Mercer ranger station, roads, forestry buildings and rearing ponds. 

Snow plowing kept winter work assignments moving. 

Lunch time on work detail 

Building Rest Lake fire tower 

Mixing cement for building 

Chopping ice dams

Hauling fuel to Camp Mercer’s always hungry wood stoves

Winter logging

1934 Mercer Monitor cartoon showing winter preparation work

Men get remainder of Winter Clothing: The men of Camp Mercer received the remainder of their winter’s issue of clothing. Those men, who got all of the clothing which was issued about two weeks ago only got another suit of underwear and mittens with liners. While those who got clothing too small, too large, or too badly work, received better garments to drape their physique. We should be able to stay warm now.